The Friends of St Denys' are local people who came together to publicise the serious condition of the fabric and help raise funds to make the future of this beautiful medieval church of St Denys, safe. Over the last two years it helped raise sufficient funds to take out one of the beautiful windows in the chancel, have the mullions repaired and put back. You can imagine this is no mean feat and costs a great deal. If we had not raised the monies, the window may well have collapsed and the Chancel of the church would have been closed indefinitely.  A church that has welcomed generations of people - religious and secular - since at least 1427, could well have become a ruin.


The church stands in the middle of the village and is its focal point. As well as continuing to welcome people for worship, marriages, christenings and burials, it is used for sports, for suppers, concerts and talks. FoSD' has been supported by people of all faiths as they recognise it stands at the heart of the community. Our events are open to everyone wherever they live and so the church is both a church in the true sense of the word and a cultural and arts centre. It also an important historical monument in its own right. Part of the church clearly dates back at least 100 years earlier than the known date of construction in 1427.


Unfortunately, a building of that pedigree needs maintenance. Expensive maintenance by master craftsmen. Our next challenge is to repair the gutters of the chancel roof. Their decay is leading to damage to the roof and its supporting timbers. Grants are being applied for but will not be considered unless local fundraising attracts similar matched amounts so this is a long term project to promote the chuirch.  While raising the money, we are helping to promote the church as a centre of arts and culture so we are not just asking for money, but trying to put on a good show - well, a few shows!

Some of our Upcoming Events (please click on the images to find out more)

Cars and Bikes with Character

Barn Dance