Award-winning duo, Blackheart visits St Denys'

On the 18th June, the Friends of St Denys' welcomed 'Blackheart' to Colmworth to play an evening candlelit concert in the church. The audience of about 90 included villagers and some of their dedicated fans from as far as, would you believe, Poland! Blackheart are a Manchester based, multi - instrumental duo, consisting of Richard Pilkington and Chrissy Mostyn. They have played in the US, Australia, New Zealand and around Europe, and have released a number of CDs, so it was something special to have them play in St Denys' . During the evening, they played and sang their original music, showing their musicianship on a variety of instruments including guitars, mandolin, bowed guitar, keyboards, synthesisers and omnichord.

Well, it was certainly a concert unlike anything else held in St Denys', and while some loved it and gave us great feedback for trying something different, it appears that not everybody will be rushing out to buy their new CD! However our sincere thanks go to each and every one of you who supported the event, whether it was your thing or not, because we raised £565, which will be passed to the St Denys' Church Restoration Fund.

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