A successful season draws to a close...

In September, the Friends of St Denys' Church held the last of 6 "Cars and Bikes with Character" meetings at the Village Hall. Since April, the first Sunday of the month has seen a wonderful variety of vehicles gather in the car park and on the playing field, their owners enjoying breakfast in a very informal and friendly atmosphere. Some of our visitors have travelled quite a few miles to be with us, and we have received many complimentary emails thanking us for a warm welcome. More than once we have heard people ask " will you be going to Colmworth next month? " so we appear to have become a bit of a success story in the local Classic Car family. One unexpected benefit has been the number of new friendships being made between people who would not normally have met, and the appreciation that everybody has shown towards the different ' tribes ' that exist within our hobby. It's not likely that the owner of an exquisite vintage Bentley is going to fully appreciate the finer points of a rusty " Rat-Rod " but that's the point of "Cars & Bikes with Character" . We do not even attempt to define what can and can't attend, and the photographs are intended to give just an indication of the variety of vehicles that have turned up in 2016.

But the real reason behind the events was fund raising for St Denys' Church Restoration Fund, and thanks to the hundreds of people who have shared their cars and bikes with us or just wandered in to have breakfast with us, the six meetings have raised over £2500. For a first year, and with no guarantee that anybody was even going to turn up, that is a wonderful total. We would especially like to thank our little band of helpers, whose hard work in the kitchen and car park made it such a success.

We intend to continue the simple but successful formula next year with 7 meetings on the first Sundays from April to October. Please do join us; it's not just for die-hard car and bike enthusiasts, it's for everybody so why not give it a go? - you might enjoy yourselves.....

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