Our First Sunday Breakfast club goes from strength to strength...

Now in our 3rd year of holding 'Cars and Bikes with Character' at the Village Hall it's interesting to look back on our hopes and expectations from what feels like an age ago. With no experience of holding a Classic Car event, we had no idea how many owners and cars would turn up, if any. Maybe 10 if we were lucky, 20 cars was beyond our wildest dreams. Doubts were raised - would a fiver be too much to ask? Would the Breakfast Club format work? Could we find anybody to help? Could we make a profit?

Roll on now to Sunday 1st April 2018, our first meeting of this year. The never-ending wet winter was still threatening to make Easter a washout in general, and specifically the field at the Village Hall was still too wet to park cars on. Despite that we squeezed about 40 beautiful classic cars and bikes into the gravel car park, and sold 94 breakfasts.

Move on again to Sunday 6th May 2018, a beautiful sunny day at last. Unknown to us, the Rushden Classic Cavalcade, due that day, had been cancelled due to a wet parking field. You can see where this is going...... the cars and bikes began to arrive at about 8:30 and continued to arrive regularly for about 3 hours. The intrepid ladies in the kitchen moved into top gear supplying the owners with their breakfasts, and at one point we ran out of Bacon. And Rolls. And Tickets........(I printed 188 tickets). Thankfully there were no riots, and relief supplies arrived quickly to feed the last few hungry souls. By this time the cars extended almost to the centre of the playing field.

We sold 199 breakfasts in May and that remains our record month, but we got close to that peak figure in June with 188 and sold a very creditable 155 breakfasts in July.

We continue to be amazed by the variety of cars and bikes that the events attract and also by the interest and support we receive for the events - we do really appreciate all of the effort from both the volunteer helpers and the

attendees, who together make the events the success they are!

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